10 GHz

10+24 GHz mounted in the mast.

My 10 GHz consists of a DB6NT transverter giving 10 mW out and a noise figure (to be measured again) of ~3dB. The output is amplified in a PA consisting of a mmic RFMA7185 and a FLM-1011-4F giving about 4W output.

The LO is not (yet) locked to a 10MHz reference or GPS, although the pll is already fitted. This is the small pcb below the middle. I just need to feed it with 10MHz, either from a TCXO fitted in the box itself or via an additional cable from my GPSDO in the shack.

The 48cm Procom dish is shared with 24 GHz, both waveguides are fitted next to each other. This results in a small angular error between the two.

The PA I bought as kit at Heelweg:

The PA has a hugh amplification, and as visible in the picture some RF foam is used to get it stable.