68020 VME system

68k processors are really fascinating. A structured architecture and orthogonal instruction set. I have built many systems with the members of this family (68020, 68000, 68010, 68HC000, 68008) and its peripheral chips.


A picture of the 68020 vme board:cpufoto




For my spectrum analyser (design Matjaz Vidmar S53MV) I build a 68008 single board computer for displaying the spectrum on an LCD.

On my 68020 (VME) and 68000 system I run the OS-9 Operating System. Maybe not state of the art anymore, but I like to develop my own DSP-routines on these systems:

  • audio FFT
  • scope
  • IIR- and FIR filter
  • RTTY Receiver
  • SSTV
  • BELL 202 AFSK packetmodem and AX.25 terminal
  • PSK31
  • QPSK
  • tone-generator