13GHz/1000 prescaler

For my frequency counter I developed this divide-by-1000 prescaler with which I can extend the range of my 2 GHz frequency counter up to 13GHz, without the need of changing times base etc. MHz becomes GHz when the prescaler is switched on.

Here the frequency of a gunn oscillator on 10GHz is measured to be around 10.3 GHz:

The schematic diagram is straightforward:

The divider is build up with a HMC363G8 (:8), a uPB1505 (:64) and 3 times :1.25, resulting in a total division of 1000. The 1.25 divider consist of a counter to 5, where the 5th pulse is removed by or-gates. So 4 out of 5 pulses remain, which corresponds to :1,25.

I developed a simple pcb for the divider, but made an error: the uPB1505 is mounted upside down. No problem, it works but not reproducible this way. Rens, PE1AXA developed a new correct pcb in KiCad: